Bengal kittens for sale from Spots Walkin' Wild
Bengal kittens for sale from Spots Walkin' Wild
Bengal kittens for sale from Spots Walkin' Wild


We accept cash, check, and any form of payment that you can use with Paypal. Your payment will be need to completely clear before your cat can leave. All our pet prices include the cost of spay/neuter, which we require be done before we deliver the cat to you.

Deposits are $250 to reserve, apply towards purchase price, and are transferable until cat is delivered. Deposits also grant you earlier choice on future litters. Please provide your phone number in addition to your email address, to be sure I can reach you. Deposits will be taken in order for kittens I make available.

As a breeder I reserve the right to hold back any kitten to be used in my breeding program and also choose to place certain kittens into breeder/ show homes only. Kittens that are show/ breeder quality are often placed as pets. But certain kittens I feel "need" to be placed in a breeding program. These are often kittens I will keep myself if they don't sell.

All kittens sold as pets will be altered (included in price). If sold unaltered, then breeder price will need to be paid and later will be refunded when spay/ neuter proof less than 6 months old.

The price of each individual cat will be determined many factors, but here are some ranges to give you an idea of our ranges. Please contact us for breeder prices.

Pet Price Ranges
Type of cat Price range
SBT marble $550 - 800
SBT spotted $750 - 1200
EG - F2 $1200 - 3000
F3 $1000 - 1800